Mens Latest Results

Vice Captains Prize

Oscar Wilde was once asked to give his opinion of another man and said, “He hasdn’t a single redeeming vice”. Thankfully at Virginia Golf Club we have a redeeming vice, namely our Vice Captain Sean McEvoy and it was his prize this weekend that our members were attempting to snatch. The weather which invariably is becoming the extra member to everyones fourball was both cruel and kind but in the end everyone battled whatever elements they faced until someone came out on top. That someone being Vincent Brady, followed closely by PJ McNicholas and then Brendan Fox. Well done gentlemen and well done Sean on your dry run for the big one next year.


Mid Week Warriors

Continuing the Wilde theme, the great Oscar also pronounced that “The tragedy of old age is not that one is old, but that one is young”, and it is this youthful exuberance that sees our mid week warriors flying around the course everyweek having more fun than most members have every Sunday!. Last weeks winners were as follows: 1st Emily McHugo, Liz Murphy, Louis McQuade, C Hogan and F. O’Reilly (a 5 ball?), in second place was Eva Williams, Isobel Davidson, Tommy Boyle and Barney O’Reilly. Well done everyone.


September 18: This weekend saw the behmoths of Dublin and Mayo fight for the right to hold what they believe is the ultimate medal in Irish sport, a medal competed for so ferociously that the scars of battle are felt long after the affray. Little do they know that a Virginia Golf Club monthly medal is equally as competitive with the spoils of war going to those who are willing to battle it out in all conditions, month in and month out. This month we saw the medal go to Stephen McCabe, well done Stephen no need for a replay for you! Division 1 went to Vivian O’Connell, Division 2 went to James “don’t mention the 18th” O’Brien and Division 3 to B Fox. Well done all.