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As the sun tried to break through the clouds but failed miserably, as what was a cold blustery October morning, the brave turned up to get there hands on the illusive monthly medal the last one of the year.The wind was so strong, the umbrellas were abandoned for fear of ending up in the lake, most of us got hit with the acorns as they rattled the clubhouse roof, the wet gear was a must for the Forest Gump rain which was relentless, and the rain just seem to come right up out of the ground, which left no escape from the wet.

The leaves were falling form the trees, the birds had packed up and gone as they had the sense to find shelter, they actually leftyesterday, and the golf balls were nearly uncontrollable, except for one man, who knew exactly how to take on the elements and capitalise on all his golfing expertise, this man has won back to back majors, golfer of the year twice running, and has never been able to get his hands on an illusive medal, until today.

Yes you guessed it, Virginia's owngolfer extraordinaire, Stephen Smith with an exceptional, flawless and mistake free round of golf, with now fewer than 16 pars, 2 birdies and zero bogeys, 15 birdie putts, now even Rory Mc Elroy, couldn't manage a round like that this year.

All this in the elements of what was the tail end of a storm, this is unreal golf and what we all inspire to, a perfect end to his super year winning best gross,in both captains and presidents, and as we come close to the end of the season he is in prime position to win a turkey real soon, another target he aspires to, so he says anyway.

No matter what handicap we throw at this man he just seems to enjoy proofing that it's only a challenge that needs to be risen to, I'm sure Mina will hear and be made relive every shot tonight, over and over again it's rumoured she is driving him to win theturkey, a real prize, enjoy the week Stephen, a truly deserved win and a fabulous round of golf 


The category winners are as follows:                                                                                            Cat 1 the young and upcoming Conor Mc evoy                                                                              Cat 2 Gerry Phipps, the man from munterconnaught.                                                                      Cat 3 James Fitzpatrick 2nd category win in as many weeks

Twos for.Gerry Phipps and Pat Brady, 

Joe take out the check book loads of balls to be bought.

Well done to all in a terrific final medal, also to our captain on achieving fantastic numbers, out golfing week after week. Congratulations to James O Brien who won the golfer of the year and David Beattie who won the senior golfer of the year . Next weekend is a Single stableford Competition , timesheet will be posted in the clubhouse and on the website.