Virginia Golf Club Matchplay Draws

Matchplay New Format/Rules & Handicap Allowances

  • Open Draw Format for all rounds

  • Draw for subsequent rounds will take place 1 day after completion date

  • To be included in round two match must be completed

  • Were a match has not been played by agreed dates both parties will be contacted by the Competition secretary and a decision will be made on names to be carried forward into next round (By Committee)

  • No extension will be granted

Singles – Play all holes from stone Tee Markers. The players on the top line of the draw have the honour at the first hole. Handicap allowance is the full difference between the player’s handicaps.

Mens Fourball – Play all holes from stone Tee Markers. The lowest handicap player gives strokes to the other three players, based on 90% of the difference between the lowest handicap and that of each player. Honour on first tee goes from lowest to highest handicap.

Teams on bottom of draw to contact teams on top.


Competition Secretary