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Details for 2019 will be posted here asap.


Juvenile Member (Age 8-14): €25 + €3 each Mon.

Junior Member (Age 15-18): €50

Student Membership (Age 18-25): €50

Note: Student must be over 18 and in full time education or serving an apprenticeship ceasing at the end of the year when student reaches 25


2019 dates TBC


  1. Must adhere to the rules and etiquette of golf and the rules of the Club (as may be decided by the appropriate Club Committee) at all times.

  2. Must give way to Senior Members at all times.

  3. May not play the course on Sundays (Men’s Competitions) or Thursdays (Ladies Competitions) or Open Days unless playing in a designated competition or with specific permission of the appropriate Club Committee.

  4. Juvenile members must have vacated the course by 7pm (unless accompanied by an adult).

  5. Must have three fully completed singles competition cards returned to be eligible to win first prize in either The Boy’s Cup/The Girl’s Cup or Captains’ Prizes to the Juniors/Juveniles.

  6. Any complaints from a Junior /Juvenile member must be made through Parent/guardian in writing to the appropriate Club Committee. Complaints about Juniors/Juveniles must also be made to the appropriate Club Committee in writing.