Rules updates 2019

2019 Rules of Golf

Golf’s new Rules have been published by The R&A and the USGA ahead of coming into effect on 1 January 2019.


For the first time, a new Player’s Edition of the Rules of Golf is being introduced to provide a shorter, more user-friendly version of the Rules for golfers at all levels of the sport.  Printed copies of The Player’s Edition should be available from your local golf club and the Player’s Edition , the Rules of Golf and Official Guide are all available now on The R&A’s website and on The R&A’s new 2019 Rules of Golf App (iOS and Android). Print versions of the Official Guide will be available from November.


Various other resources, including a Visual Search and an updated Rules quiz, are also available to help golfers, Committees and Referees to familiarise themselves with the new Rules of Golf, both on The R&A’s website and on the App. Additional resources, including an updated Rules Academy and a Committee Toolkit, will be added in the coming months.

For more information on the new Rules of Golf and the resources that are available, follow the link below.

Relief Situation, finding the Nearest Point of Relief.

Relief may be taken from a ball coming to rest on the path through the Golf Course. (It is not mandatory)

When taking relief, the player must mark the nearest point, not nearer the hole, from which the ball must be dropped within ONE club-length. If the ball moves closer to the hole, it must be re-dropped under the same procedure.

Note: The ball, if being dropped, must be dropped on the side of the path which is the nearest point of relief. The nearest point of relief is determined by the point at which relief is being taken relative to the position of the ball on the path, NOT necessarily the edge of the path closest to the ball. (It may differ for Right-handed and Left-handed players).

When taking relief from an obstruction, like a path, the player may not stand on the obstruction when taking his/her shot.

Rule 20-2 covers this scenario.

This video clearly explains the process for determining the nearest point of relief

Men's Four-ball Better-ball Turkey

Winners of the Men’s Four-ball Better-ball competition on 11th November were

James Fitzpatrick & Lenny Rooney with 47pts, including an Eagle 2 for Lenny on the 11th.

Runners up were Brendan Fox & Michael Coleman with 45 pts

Next weekend is Singles Stableford (Turkey)

As per previous years there will be a 2 shot handicap applied to all Singles winners (1 shot deduction to runners up) of Turkeys competitions in the lead up to Christmas

Towns' Cup 2018

The Town’s Cup will be played over the Bank Holiday weekend. Players can play at any time, Saturday, Sunday or Monday. On Sunday morning we revert to the tee-time draw. At 8:15 and every 15 minutes afterwards, all those present will be drawn out for partners. First tee-off at 8:20

Format of competition. Singles Stableford. Top 5 cards to count for each team. There will be an individual prize winner for which anyone playing, who is not on a team, may compete for. Anyone not already on a team, please contact Peadar Gill (087) 681 3387 and you will be accommodated.

Towns Cup 2018.png

Paddy McInerney Cup

Our dear departed friend, Paddy McInerney, left us all too soon, a couple of years back. Paddy was a friend to everyone and was active up to the very end. He was a keen golfer and a fantastic member and committee member for Virginia Golf Club. He was also a man who spent a lot of his time in Crover Golf Club, a short trip from his home. Virginia Golf Club Captain Martin Sherry and his Crover counterpart, John McGinn, formulated the idea of an annual match between Virginia and Crover Golf Clubs to commemorate Paddy with the inaugural event to be played in Virginia and the match to alternate between the two clubs subsequently. The teams were selected with comradery in mind and the result very much secondary but the home side shaded the result in the end.

Pictured is Mrs Nuala McInerney presenting the Paddy McInerney Cup to Martin Sherry, Captain of the victorious Virginia team.

Paddy McInerney Cup 2018.png