The Chestnut Tree Spring League 2019

The 2019 season kicked off “properly” this past weekend with the start of the annual Spring League , kindly sponsored by The Chestnut Tree. This year we have 8 teams  with 64 players playing in Week 1. The League will cover 7 weekends with the top 5 weeks’ scores to count and each team’s top 5 players scores to make up the Weekly total. Each week will also see an individual winner.


Peter Kermath showed the beneficial effects of his recent shoulder surgery with an outstanding 41pts to claim the Individual prize on Week 1 while Arthur Tormay led his team to an early lead in the League. It’s still very early with many twists and turns before the destiny of the title will be decided.

Spring League 2019 Week 1.PNG

The ChestNut Tree (Men's) Spring League 2019

The draw for the 2019 Chestnut Tree Spring League took place on 27th February.

Entry fee for the League is €35, payable on first day.

The score for each player will be their best 9 (front/back) each week.

The weekly total for each team will be the total of the best 5 players

Overall winner of the Spring League will be the team with the best 5 weeks accumulated scores. (Each team will discard their 2 worst weeks)

In the event of a tie, the 6th and 7th week's scores will decide places.

The prize for the individual player of the League will be the individual with the best 5 cards (18 holes)

Each Weekly individual winner will be handicapped 2 shots for the remainder of the League(H'cap to only apply for the Individual Weekly prize)

Anyone not entering the League may still play for the weekly individual prize (usual weekly entry fee of €6 applies)

Team 1

Martin Sherry (Capt)

John Langsford

Gary Corcoran

Fintan Cahill

Michael Keating

Alan Rock

Gabriel Kelly

Conor McEvoy

Team 2

Declan Smith (Capt)

Ray Foley

Dave Reilly

Padraig Gorman

Pat Brady

Tom Kelly

Mossie Ryan

Tom Traynor

Team 3

Arthur Tormay (Capt)

Pat Murphy

Neil Skeffington

Richard Kennedy

Canice Hogan

John Kelly

Brendan Clarke

Team 4

Peter Kermath (Capt)

Victor Nesbitt

Tom Lynch

Tom Hutchinson

Paul Bates

Chris Bramley

Eric Davidson

Patrick Maguire

Team 5

Vivian Connell (Capt)

Tim Spicer

Vincent Brady

James Mooney

David Beattie

James Boyle

Lester Kinnear

Pat Connell

Team 6

Peadar Gill (Capt)

Peter Gill

Joe Greene

Sean McEvoy

Gerry Phipps

Michael Farrelly

Pat Hayes

Billy McLoughlin

Team 7

Adrian Kelly (Capt)

Gerry Hopkins

Peter Callaghan

Fintan O'Malley

Peter Foran

Michael Callaghan

Alan Grealy

Joe Hanley

Team 8

Seamus Sheridan (Capt)

Liam Murphy

John Donegan

Paddy McHugh

Cormac Cahill

Roy Steenson

Aaron Hynes

Joe Gavin

Spring League 2019.PNG

Men's Matchplay 2019

The Men's Matchplay competitions Paddy Gormley Cup (Doubles, fourball-better ball), Kevin McDonnell Cup (Singles, handicap limit 18) and Fleetwood Cup (singles handicap 18+) will commence in May 2019.

  • It is planned to host all three finals on the same day, in September 2019 (subject to no players qualifying for more than one final)

  • Play-by dates will be strictly enforced with adequate notice being given to ensure the smooth running of the competitions.

  • For all three competitions there will be an open draw for opponents following the completion of the previous round.

  • Entry fee for all three competitions is €10 per player, payable on or before first match.

Men's Spring League 2019

The Virginia Golf Club Men's Spring League will commence on the weekend of 2nd/3rd February and will run for 8 weeks (weather permitting).

The format will be the same as 2018.

Teams will be formed from the entrants with the top 5 players' scores (best of Front or Back 9) to count each week. The final total for each team will be the accumulated scores through the League with the lowest 2 scores discarded. (e.g. for 8 weeks competition the top 6 weeks scores will count). In the event of a tie between any teams at the finish the next highest weekly score (from the discarded scores) will count.

The following prizes will be awarded

  • The top team in the League

  • A prize for the best individual in each team, over the entire League.

  • A prize for the top individual (18 hole) score each week. (Players not participating in the League may play for this prize, each week, with an entry fee of €6 per week)

Entry fee of €35 per player, payable on first week.

The weekly €2 2s competition will continue to run.

Entry Sheet for the 2019 Men’s Spring League will be up in the clubhouse over the weekend.

Rules of Golf 2019

As from 1st January 2019 there will be a new set of rules in operation for all Golf Clubs. A full description of the Rules is available on and a “Players Guide” is available for all players Free of Charge, from the Clubhouse. It is the player’s responsibility to be fully up to date on the Rule of Golf and a comprehensive study of the changes is encouraged.

The basic premise behind the Rules revamp is to speed up the game and to reduce the complexity behind many of the situations. A major change, for example, is the reduction is time to look for a lost ball from the 5 minutes previously to a new time limit of 3 minutes.

Another point emphasised by the R&A is the encouragement for players to play “Ready Golf”, i.e. play when one is ready, not delaying for the “honour” to decide the order in which to play (*Match-play excepted) and the time limit of 40 seconds per shot recommended as the maximum a player should take.

Bothe the Google PlayStore and the Apple App Store have Apps with the full Rules of Golf 2019.

Rules updates 2019

2019 Rules of Golf

Golf’s new Rules have been published by The R&A and the USGA ahead of coming into effect on 1 January 2019.


For the first time, a new Player’s Edition of the Rules of Golf is being introduced to provide a shorter, more user-friendly version of the Rules for golfers at all levels of the sport.  Printed copies of The Player’s Edition should be available from your local golf club and the Player’s Edition , the Rules of Golf and Official Guide are all available now on The R&A’s website and on The R&A’s new 2019 Rules of Golf App (iOS and Android). Print versions of the Official Guide will be available from November.


Various other resources, including a Visual Search and an updated Rules quiz, are also available to help golfers, Committees and Referees to familiarise themselves with the new Rules of Golf, both on The R&A’s website and on the App. Additional resources, including an updated Rules Academy and a Committee Toolkit, will be added in the coming months.

For more information on the new Rules of Golf and the resources that are available, follow the link below.