Men's News - April 17th 2016

The Gladiators came out into the auditorium of Virginia Golf Club blinking in the sun in readiness for the long season ahead after the Spring League has truly sprung. This is the last competition before the first Golfer of the Year event allowing the members to stretch their golfing muscles and show the rest who is ready for the challenge and who will not see their name written in legend. The man who came out victorious, Charlton Heston like from this weeks tussle was Vivian Connell with a fantastic score of 58 points, a great result Vivian your odds have been cut for the Golfer of the Year prize. When there's a first, there is always a second and that was Peter Foran with a great score of 60. Peter was moaning all Spring League in relation to his form, as the Bard would say, I think the Lady doth protest too much. Well done Peter.

The first Golfer of the Year event is this weekend and the timesheet is posted in the clubhouse, get your name in to challenge last years winner Stephen Smith. Also the club matchplays are also up for participation, if your not down, your not in and the bragging rights for winning some of these will keep you going for years.