Virginia Golf Club Latest Results

July 17th: In a weekend that saw the Dubs saunter to another Leinster title, another Dublin giant strode across the competition to see himself at the top of the tree at the end of this weekends play. This man was our competitions secretary James O'Brien. Methodical in technique and all things competition, James would have reveled in the regulatory accounting needed to separate the pack this week with himself beating Patrick Connell and the venerable Captain Gary Corcoran by a count back. Well Done James, peaking at a good time of the year.

MID WEEK WARRIORS: Our Seniors continue to dominate the flora and fauna of our course with more extensive coverage than Japanese knot weed. Unlike that pesky invader their presence and skill gives hope to all us duffers in the club that there is always time to improve and this game does not view age as a boundary to success. The last two scrambles have been won by the following teams: July 5 - 1st P. Hutchinson, P. Fitzpatrick, L. Cotter, N. Maguire 61.1, 2nd  E Williams, S. Galligan, P.McCullough, F. O'Reilly 61.5. July 13 - 1st B. O'Reilly, J. Clarke, P. Fitzpatrick 58.4, 2nd E Davidson, P McCullough, P. Curran 62.7. Well done as always to all competitors.