Rules of Golf 2019

As from 1st January 2019 there will be a new set of rules in operation for all Golf Clubs. A full description of the Rules is available on and a “Players Guide” is available for all players Free of Charge, from the Clubhouse. It is the player’s responsibility to be fully up to date on the Rule of Golf and a comprehensive study of the changes is encouraged.

The basic premise behind the Rules revamp is to speed up the game and to reduce the complexity behind many of the situations. A major change, for example, is the reduction is time to look for a lost ball from the 5 minutes previously to a new time limit of 3 minutes.

Another point emphasised by the R&A is the encouragement for players to play “Ready Golf”, i.e. play when one is ready, not delaying for the “honour” to decide the order in which to play (*Match-play excepted) and the time limit of 40 seconds per shot recommended as the maximum a player should take.

Bothe the Google PlayStore and the Apple App Store have Apps with the full Rules of Golf 2019.