Men's Spring League 2019

The Virginia Golf Club Men's Spring League will commence on the weekend of 2nd/3rd February and will run for 8 weeks (weather permitting).

The format will be the same as 2018.

Teams will be formed from the entrants with the top 5 players' scores (best of Front or Back 9) to count each week. The final total for each team will be the accumulated scores through the League with the lowest 2 scores discarded. (e.g. for 8 weeks competition the top 6 weeks scores will count). In the event of a tie between any teams at the finish the next highest weekly score (from the discarded scores) will count.

The following prizes will be awarded

  • The top team in the League

  • A prize for the best individual in each team, over the entire League.

  • A prize for the top individual (18 hole) score each week. (Players not participating in the League may play for this prize, each week, with an entry fee of €6 per week)

Entry fee of €35 per player, payable on first week.

The weekly €2 2s competition will continue to run.

Entry Sheet for the 2019 Men’s Spring League will be up in the clubhouse over the weekend.