Men's Monthly Medal July 2019

The July Monthly Medal was the prize on offer in Virginia Golf club this past weekend with playing restricted to Sunday. Despite the reduced time 49 players teed up for our latest contest. 2 players shone out with outstanding rounds of 65 and 66, Gross, tying with Nett 59s, Gavin Tobin and Peter Gill, playing off handicaps of 6 and 7 respectively with Gavin securing his first Monthly Medal on countback. Both players recovered from minor hiccups in their rounds to post two of the rounds of the year. Well done to both and it’s great to see low handicap golfers showing the rest of us how the game should be played.



Sunday 28th July

Monthly Medal

Winner Gavin Tobin (6) Nett 59

Cat 1 Peter Gill (7) Nett 59

Cat 2 John Langsford (14) Nett 62

Cat 3 Stuart Skelly (24) Nett 63


2s winners were John Donegan, John Kelly, John Langsford, Joe Greene and Gavin Tobin